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By Carlo Lega, Dec 16 2017 06:45AM

So Xmas is nearly upon us and I am listening to Rudolph & Frosty the snowman as I type . Very sad ! lol.

I hope everyone is ready to put on half a stone as per every year.

So whats new?

Pay Per Click Campaign

Very quiet on this front this week with minimal enquiries coming through.

I suppose it is to be expected as people have their focus elsewhere.

I am using Bing Ads at the moment which has given me a lot better results than Yell.Com who were rather poor in all departments.

I may give Google adwords a try in the New Year too as they are pretty good I am told.

Lpg Lead Stolen!

I visited a Park home in Walsall and picked up a few LPG leads and duly sent in to an installer for processing. One of the jobs was booked in on day 10 for a deemed score survey after passing data match.

The installer called me on the day to say that the job had already been fitted 2 days before!!!!!!

I called the lady who said she thought it was my company and that she was not very happy to receive an Ideal Logic after I had promised her a Worcester Bosch!

This company must have done the survey whilst fitting the boiler like lightning.

Does not pay to sit on LPG jobs so beware if you are submitting LPG jobs that the wolf is always at the door.

Trader Alert

Few complaints about ECO 2 leads and ABC Leads who have been reported by other Linked In members as being less than bone fide.

Deal with caution or better still...... use the proverbial bargepole!

Client Of The Week1

This one lived in a Park home and has a completely knackered oil boiler that he wanted relocated and converted to LPG Free of Charge.

He explained that he had had 5 surveys hoping not to pay anything and had been without hot water for over 2 weeks. I explained that the funding only covered for a straight swap and that he shjould take advantage and pay the very reasonable £500 to get this job on the wall.

He explained that he could but an oil boiler for £700 and that he could get his mate to fit for £300 so would not pay!

Maths was not evidently not his strong point at school so I did point out that the grant was the cheaper option but he would not have it.

I did ask an installer to give him a call and he duly spent 3 quarters of an hour talking to him. Alas to no avail and this guy would not budge.

I do wish him a very cold and smelly Xmas. Enjoy Ebenezer!

Client Of The Week 2

This lady is anothger LPG lead from a park home and called me on Monday morning to ask if her planned install that day would still happen as it had been snowing heavily.

I asked her to call the installer and gave her the numbers. The next day the installer called me to say that they had turned up to fit but the lady did not want her kitchen disrupted and rejected the install !

I did calkl the lady to see what the problem was and explained that there would be some disruption but it would be worth it for a brand new boiler.

She was not having it so I did explain that she would be receiving a bill for the surveys and cancellation as she had broken the contract.

This did not go down well and she said that she would have to go to court and told me to F*** O**. Charming

These customers are quick to cancel because they have not invested any money and the need for the industry to adopt a deposit scheme for all Eco work is desparately needed.

£799 Boilers Scheme

Seems to be going well and people seem to be ok with paying. Those that will not pay anything have got the message that free boilers have ended now for most gas properties.

There was some installer boasting that he was still doing boilers for free a few weeks ago and that lead gens were ruining the industry asking for money to fund their inflated commisions ! lol

This person refused to confirm that he was doing 2 & 3 bedroom properties for free so obviously a cherry picker and actioning only the large properties that came his way.

Not very ethical but you cant force people to trade fairly.

A flat fee across the board is the fairest way to go and then everyone can reap the benefits of this scheme and not just the lucky few who can afford a large house.

Greed was not taken into account when OFGEM designed this scheme and shame on them for not foreseeing what would happen to what could have been a fantastic opportunity for fuel poor households.


I need to look at my spyware protection again I think. I have just run a weekly scan and have 1204 spys running freely !!!!!!!!!

I dont know why they bother as I feel the majority of surfers will ignore the ads that crop up after you have run a search. I always do but I suppose it is a numbers game.

Thanks for Viewing

Carlo Lega Boiler Grant Sheme.

By Carlo Lega, Dec 12 2017 11:11AM

Thinking of renewing your boiler. Heres 5 good reasons to apply now

1. Grants are available to assist Low Income Households with the cost.

2. You will get a New Boiler fitted for a third of the price !

Only £799 !

3. You will save up to £15 a month with reduced gas bills.

4. Free 2 years warranty so you cancel expensive £20 a month insurance cover plans.

5. You can upgrade to a Top Of The Range Vaillant or Worcester.

TO qualify you must be in receipt of

Tax Credits - Pension Credit - ESA - JSA - Income Support All

To Apply visit

Carlo Lega Boiler Grants

By Carlo Lega, Oct 14 2017 08:09AM

Another week soon come round for your friendly Eco lead generator who shows no sign of stopping despite the industry getting harder all the time.

Horrible Week

Not a good week this week unfortunately.

Like buses, these have all come at once and this week I have had the pleasure of time wasters, irate clients, cancellations , and contribution refusals .

The vallium has certainly come in use this week !

So whats new............

Client of the week

I left some leaflets at some Park Homes a few weeks ago and was phoned by a rather irate women who was calling me a fraudster, liar , cheat etc. Also she stated that I had been reported to the police and Trading Standards too.

Charming !

Apparently the lady had googled my name and found my website offering boilers for £500 when I had in fact told her it was free.

She had also been visited by another lead generator who seems to be following me around and he was attempting to poach some of my clients by spreading the **** and telling pork pies!

My attempts to explain were in vain so I ended the call. My installer did manage to placate her with a call but she really was a horrible lady and I wont be inviting her to any of my parties in the future!

Discounted Boiler Scheme -

Progress Report

No longer called a Free Boiler Scheme as there are no free boilers around except for the people in 5/6 bed houses who are being sought out actively.

Incidentally these people who can afford large houses and extensions can afford to buy their own boiler and should not benefit from this scheme at the expense of genuine cases.

People are coming round to contributions slowly but I am finding that conversions are down a little as some people agree to pay £500 or so but they back out after having the surveys as they cannot bring themselves to part with their cash.

This is specially true for landlords who many will only spend cash when the boiler completely breaks down. Had a couple this week unfortunately.

Still early days and I am learning from this all the time and have designed a business model brochure which I email to all applicants that is DUMMY PROOF and clearly shows :

Cost of boiler ( depending on property type )

Cost of Conversions & Relocations

Any other extras that could arise.

I am working towards only attracting genuine people to apply who recognise this is a fantastic offer and will pay reasonable costs towards their boiler.

Freeby brigade chancers can go and whistle! lol

Anyone who wants a FREE Brochure to assist their business, please DM me.

Pension Credit – Savings Credit

Lots of people have lost out on getting a grant on boilers and insulation by the Government no longer allowing Savings Credit to qualify for the Help To Heat Scheme.

Such a shame as I have come across maybe over 20 - 30 clients who I could have signed up for free and part funded boilers .

It has made our job a lot harder as well as penalising a lot of pensioners who could have benefitted with a new boiler.

Worth mentioning that Savings Credit has now been discontinued for new pensioners that come of age

Thanks a lot Ofgem.

Pension Credit Part 2

Quite surprising that quite a few elderly people I come across have never heard of Pension Credit and are unaware that they may be entitled to claim it.

I did come across a lady last year who was only receiving £79 per week pension and was losing out on approx. £75 a week income!

I did my good deed of the day and helped her make a successful application for this benefit and also got her a free boiler too. Everyone was happy.

What is Pension Credit?

PC tops up your pension to a minimum level of weekly income.

The current levels are - Single Person £ 159.35 Joint Claim £243.45.

In a nutshell................. if a single person only receives £150 per week ( adding together all income from private pensions etc ) then he /she will receive £9.35 a week PC.

Getting Pension Credit does open the floodgates for free dental care ( if they have any teeth left ! lol) free eye tests and Help To Heat measures ( free insulation , discounted boilers etc )

Worth talking to any pensioners you know to make them aware.

Thanks For Viewing

By Carlo Lega, Jan 29 2017 07:53AM

Happy New Year

I have feeling this coming year is going to the one to beat in Eco.

I am predicting many Eco millionaires will be made this year and fuel poverty will be words to be forgotten (thanks Johnny Mathis).

Nice thought anyway.

New Years Resolutions

This year I will continue to only supply installers that can fit and pay within 3 - 4 weeks. Yes folks They do exist!

This is NOT a wind up so do not write in to complain that I am spreading lies and giving lead gens false hope! :)

I will also continue to publicize the best people working in Eco via our Linked In Group Page " Favoured People In Eco".

Quiet On the Western Front

Not much going on in Eco at the moment and the only thing moving at the moment is the termites and cockroaches!

I think the installers have got together and are deliberately on a go slow to piss the lead gens off ! Seem to be at a snails pace anyhow.

Lets go through the measures shall we and please correct me or comment if you need to.............

Gas HHCRO Boilers - Little funding about and only large properties are getting a look in now. Forget anything under 22 k LTS .

Difficult to get motivated with these at the moment.

See what March brings.

Loft Insulation - Some funding for virgin and 50 mm lofts.

Applicants for LI always state that existing insulation levels are 50 mm or below but when the installer attends to survey they always seem to find 150mm +!

Perhaps they have not got the hang of this new metric lark yet !

Cavity Wall Insulation - un-insulated walls are now rarer than hens teeth. You can spend hours on the streets before coming across one.

CERO walls not the quickest to be installed too !

Oil /LPG Boilers - Still people advertising for them but the initial gold rush seems to have subsided now and it has quietened down. I used to get approached a few times a week but not much these days.

Storage heaters - Not much interest these days from anyone that's anyone in lead gen. Looks like the returns on them do not stack up hence the lack of activity. They may need to reassess the criteria and rates if they want to continue with this in Eco.

I myself, have one ESH lead around 38k LTS still waiting to be installed!

( I do love installers that talk the talk. 2 weeks! lol )

Room in the Roof - Not many people advertising for this one either. Risk of claw backs for non compliance ( gable end and party wall issues) seems to have frightened every one off! lol

Air Source Heat Pumps - These look quite interesting being more cost effective for consumers in the long run than gas & electric.

Think they will initially targeted at the off gas properties first. I believe they will be making a grand entrance in March for Eco 2.1.

If anyone would like to help us all with the details of what the deal is likely to be on ASHP , I would be grateful.

Summary - Roll on March !

Eco is not a good place to be at the moment if you want to earn money.

Installs are at a snails pace. Lets hope the industry is given a much needed shot in the arm soon otherwise there wont be much carbon banked and a few more good guys move on to selling their soul elsewhere..

Installer / Lead Generator Partnership

I talk to other lead generators all the time and I still keep hearing and reading complaints on Linked In about some installers that are perhaps not operating as good as they could be.

I'm sure installers will be feeling the same about lead gens also.

Remember.............Both parties need to be satisfied if the relationship is to be a long and successful one.

It is a shame that after some many years, such a vital relationship between installer and lead gen is still built on uncertainty. Seeing all the regular adverts for vacancies on Linked In suggests there is much room for improvement in this quarter.

Perhaps this blog will give both sides of the coin some food for thought.

Common Comments From Lead Gens :

Will the measure be installed?

2. Will it be installed reasonably quickly ?

" We install within 2 weeks" has worn very thin over the years. Pinch of salt lol .

3. Will payments be actioned quickly or even at all?

4. Will the installer still be around to honour warrantys ?

All of the above should have a confidence score of 100 %. Sadly, not always the case

What Makes a Good Installer?

There are some good ones around ( I'm keeping them to myself lol ) who have an excellent set up and deliver consistently week in and week out.

There are also those who sit on leads and let them go cold whilst cherry picking the most profitable. Shame on them !

Things to look out for when choosing an installer:

They undertake to install EVERY Qualifying & Compliant lead that meets their criteria within a maximum 4 weeks.

These installers put their customers and suppliers first and would not dream of the of cherry picking. *

* This is the unethical practice of prioritizing the most profitable jobs whilst leaving the others to go cold and therefore wasted.

Plausible excuses have been well thought up in advance and do get trotted out at the first sign of complaint ............ e.g incomplete paperwork , unable to contact blah blah. I have heard them all now ! lol

2. Their communication is second to none and they are always available to answer queries to both lead gen and clients.

They do answer their phones and there is no waiting days for email responses.

3. They Update Your spreadsheet without prompting.

Always seems to be lots of resistance to this one with some installers. Not really much trouble to let you know how the jobs you have slogged for are progressing.Tut Tut!

4. They pay on time every time without fail.

No peering over your bank account with eyes closed on a Friday hoping payment has landed. :)

Conflicts will always come to try you but WRITTEN AGREEMENTS ( covering all possible episodes such as loss of funding etc ) has to be the way forward to enable both parties to avoid unnecessary disputes and have a successful and profitable relationship together.

You both need each other after all !

Tip Of The Week

Snow is only around the corner I'm sure as winter is well underway , so please ...........

Don't Eat Yellow Snow.

Happy new year.

By Carlo Lega, Jan 29 2017 07:52AM

Have some time off I can hear you say and leave the blog until next week ! lol

There is no grass growing under my feet !

Quiet Week

Obviously not a lot happened this week apart from overeating and drinking and enjoying the repeats on TV but still a couple of things to report and also invoke discussion.

Client Of The Week

This one is a guy who used to work for a HHCRO boiler company who was phoning on behalf of his friend to get him a boiler on the grant scheme. He wanted a free Worcester and wanted the CDI model as he heard bad things about the I model. lol

As someone who has worked in the industry he will be familiar with how the FREE scheme works and that you cant choose your FREE boiler model.

I suppose it was worth a try! He will be back I am sure.

Quiet in Eco / Boilers

Talking to others in Eco and everyone is on a go slow as not much funding is out there. Apparently installers now have a monthly quota of LTS and will not fit in excess of this.

I think they may be frightened of the deemed scores coming in early resulting in the loss of valuable LTS ( in other words, a reduction in the amount they can claim.)

Also. rates are now lower ( I have heard 6p ) so you will now need a mansion to get the boiler totally free!

Roll on March.

Deemed Scores – Good Idea ?

I personally am looking forward to the new scheme.

At the moment, it is very difficult to find qualifying leads for boilers where the customer does not need to pay a contribution. In a lot of cases , you are working only to waste yours and the installers time.

22000 + Lifetime Savings are in short supply especially in my neck of the woods and I am resigned to customer resistance to contributions.

People are agreeing to pay but when it comes to the crunch ( Hand in pocket time ) people drop out like flies.

You can hear them go light headed on the phone when you drop the bombshell. :)

Hopefully the rates will be set so there is no need to ask the client for cash. We can live in hope I suppose.

This brings me to the next subject for your perusal............................

Deemed Scores or Set Rates ?

Why not go a step further and make life super easy and allow the installer to claim the following set rates for boilers:

Non Condenser £ 1750

Condensing Boiler £ 1650

Back boiler £1950 - ( Special Offer Price :) - perhaps £2200 - £2400 ) (edited)

PLUS Installers can also ( Claim Fixed Price) for

Gas Pipe Upgrade @ £150

Vertical Flu @ £200 ( if needed)


Installers can claim a bonus ( £ 250 ? )for leaving the property with a band C rating. This will encourage a whole house approach ( walls and loft insulated to recommended levels)

An EPC can also be carried out post installs in order to claim the bonus so keeping the DEAs in work.

Be interested in hearing all your comments on this.

Discuss please.

OFGEM - Consult The Industry Please

It is a shame OFGEM don't view our posts on Linked In or attempt to consult those of us at the coal face.

There is a lot of experienced people on here that are passionate about what they do and can get this industry to be a super lean machine ( No more wasted money on failed jobs , red tape etc) and help those in GENUINE FUEL POVERTY.

Maybe these blogs will reach the correct eyes one day instead of talk that falls on deaf ears!

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope the coming one will be a lot better for Eco than the last. :)

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